In complete harmony with the surrounding natural environment of the Mountain Village ‘Elati’ of Trikala, you will discover the traditional hotel Giamandes. Enjoy the perfect blend of local traditional architecture with the imperatives of modern hospitality at our luxury hotel. Amphitheatric, with the main view of the tall firs of the forest, our building complex combines stone and wood with flowered gardens and cobbled streets.


Aesthetic excellence and a gentle atmosphere are the elements that characterize all areas of our hotel complex where, during your stay, the 19 rooms together, in pale and varnished colors with building materials, wood and local stone dominate, create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility as facilities and modern comforts reflect the quality of service.


Giamandes hotel is located in Elati Trikalon in the Thessalia Region, 20.7 km from Tríkala. Meteora is 42.4 km from Hotel Giamandes, while Pertoúlion is 7.4 km away.By car from Athens you’ll need to cover a distance of 360 km. As sooner, choose the route Domokos – Karditsa – Trikala. Before you arrive to Trikala you’ll see signs with direction on the left, to Pyli – Elati. From Thessaloniki you’ll have to cover 220 km. Distance from ski center 8km – Distance from Trikala city 30km.