Elati Trikalon

Giamandes hotel is located in Elati Trikalon in the Thessalia Region, 20.7 km from Tríkala. Meteora is 42.4 km from Hotel Giamandes, while Pertoúlion is 7.4 km away.By car from Athens you’ll need to cover a distance of 360 km. As sooner, choose the route Domokos – Karditsa – Trikala. Before you arrive to Trikala you’ll see signs with direction on the left, to Pyli – Elati. From Thessaloniki you’ll have to cover 220 km. Distance from ski center 8km – Distance from Trikala city 30km. Elati is one of the most developed villages in the prefecture of Trikala, known for the nice tourist infrastructure. The natural springs along with the full of firs landscape are offered for quiet family vacations. Pertouli lays its beauty between firs and offers a fully equipped ski centre.


Heading up the west side of the mountain, amid a lush landscape of planes and firs, with a view of the river and the little villages across the way, you’ll soon arrive at the picturesque village of Elati. At an altitude of 950m, it’s the largest of the alpine villages in this region and one of the destinations in Greece with a tourist infrastructure fully-equipped for all four seasons. It is the primary base for dozens of journeys in Thessaly, whether they be by road, hiking trail or walking path through the forest. It’s no coincidence that Elati is one of the destinations of choice for Greek alpine adventurers.